Beginners Mind

beginners mind

When you first start Yoga, give yourself a permission to be a beginner. Feel the freedom of not knowing what comes next and the excitement of learning something new. Be curious about how your body and mind feel in different poses and movements. If you find yourself being judgmental towards your performance, make a mental note and then let it go. Reminder yourself: “I am learning,” as many times as you need to.

Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves and think we should already know what the teacher is teaching. Or, we compare ourselves to the other people in a group. Feel the relief about not having to know everything.
Give your body time to adjust to new movements. Observe to the instructions and do what comes most easily for you. Then, slowly start to synchronise your breath with the movements. Congratulate yourself for doing something new!

You can invite the beginner’s mind to your practice even if you practice every day and have done it for several years. Your body is different every day. There are days when you are tired and need to take it easy, or you feel stressed and have created increased stiffness. Wouldn’t it be kind to notice that and give your body an opportunity to decide what it is capable of today?

Have you ever caught yourself being disappointed when you could not do something that you already know how to do? Maybe your body did not bend as far as normally, or your balance pose was challenging. Note the feeling and try to find the attitude for learning and congratulating yourself for practising.

If everything is well and you know the physical form of the asana, there is always the option to dive deeper into the pose and really see how it affects your mind and feels on every muscle on your body. Can you be more relaxed on the pose, or are you already working hard enough? Finding the balance between encouraging yourself to work harder and letting go is the secret. When you think you know it all, you will stop learning and growing.

Whatever your favourite practice is, smile is your best friend. It will help you relax and, of course, feel more at ease.

Do you find it easy to keep your mind on the practise? How do you help yourself? What kind of tips would you have for beginners of yoga? Please post below and share with others.


Minna x