Minna’s professional background is in nursing and she has gathered over 15 years’ experience working in the healthcare sector both in her home country, Finland, and the UK, since 2004. She has worked in alcohol rehab and psychiatric care units in Finland as well as a staff nurse in medical wards in the UK, currently at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.

She is passionate about health, well-being and always intrigued to find out how to make life a more pleasurable, comfortable, fun and rewarding experience.


Minna signed up for her first Hatha Yoga class at the age of 17 as a means to become more flexible. By the end of her first class, she had completely fallen in love with the calmness and light feeling Yoga gave her and her motivation for practising Yoga had changed. Restlessness was gone and her mind felt very clear and when years went by her interest for Yoga’s philosophical side increased.

Over the years she has practised several different styles of Yoga, including Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa and Hatha. Her own back injury – fractured and displaced lumbar vertebra – has made Minna very sensitive to and interested in the therapeutic aspects of Yoga.

The practice of Yoga contributes to building up core strength which in turn reduces the discomfort linked to back conditions and helps releasing neck tension through stretching and breathing exercises.

All Yoga poses will also have an effect on your mindset, alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety whilst contributing to a more balanced mind and improved quality of life.

Minna completed her Yoga teacher training (RYT200) in Norwich, with founder of The Yoga Tree; Swami Atma Gyanam Saraswati and she offers classes and workshops in Norwich Uk.



Minna’s path to Shiatsu started after she received treatments herself over 15 years ago and found Shiatsu to be very powerful in terms of relaxing the body and shifting old energies. Whilst working in alcohol rehab, she witnessed how giving regular Shiatsu treatments improved her patients’ quality of sleep and reduced their need for taking any medication.

Minna first started studying Shiatsu in Finland back in 2004-2005. She continued her studies under the guidance of Europe’s leading practitioner and teacher Clifford Andrews at Norwich Shiatsu College, graduating in 2012. She currently offers treatments at Norwich, UK.