Yoga is extremely beneficial for your body’s muscular skeleton health and well being. Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of regular yoga practise. However the benefits of yoga go far and beyond improving flexibility. As important wide range of motion is we also need physical and mental strength to support the body.

By practising yoga you will quickly build up more stamina as well as flexibility. Your body awareness will be increased when practising poses slowly and you will learn to correct your body’s alignment in time. You will learn to relax and let go of the tension and by doing that you start to feel lighter and more energised. Regular yoga practise also increases your mental clarity, concentration and willpower.

Yoga Classes at Norwich

Wednesday 10.30- 11.30 – UEA Sports park – post cancer support group. Supported by Macmillan cancer support.

Class is suitable for anyone who have had a cancer in there life. Practise is gentle, whit no sun salutations and we are consecrating gently gaining strength back, focusing on breath and awareness of the body. After class everyone are welcome to join for tea at the cafeteria. Class is £4. No booking needed. For more info please email to

Wednesdays 19.00- 20.00   – Hatha flow class at The Garage at Chapelfields Garden.

14 ChapelField North

Class is suitable for beginners and Intermediate. Flow-Based Hatha Yoga uses movement and breath together to produce a “flow” of postures that lead from one to the next. We start with relaxation and gentle movement to become more aware of our body. Class will continue with more strengthening sun salutations and fun balance poses. In the end we will slow down and finish with yogic relaxation Savasana.

6x card (valid 7 weeks)    £42

Drop in                              £8

Bookings and more info

Private classes

Private classes are popular specially for people who have certain injury and they need to find a modified sequence which they can take to regular class or home practise, or for first timers who want to catch up with private lessons before joining the group.
On private class there is more time to look for students alignment and all individual needs. It is also perfect if you want to master other specific goal like headstand.

Regular class at my location £35.
Tailored class for your needs at my location £50.
Skype classes and private group lessons are also possible for workplace well-being days, hen or birthday parties.